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A few words about Ammivit

Ammivit is:
- 13 water-soluble vitamins (12 group B and vitamin C vitamins),
- 4 fat-soluble vitamins (D, E, K and provitamin A, 10 essential and 8 essential amino acids, 5 organic acids, 14 sterols,
- . more than 20 micro - and macronutrients and bioflaviny
It is worth noting the presence in the composition of the substance
RESVERATROL (ACTIVATOR CELLULAR LONGEVITY):-. a powerful natural antioxidant
- activates cell regeneration
- slows down the aging process
- exerts antitumor effects of
all substances contained in the "Ammivit e "are natural 100%, as raw material for its preparation is grapes., which is why" Ammivit "also called "liquid grapes".

Why Ammivit?

It stimulates the metabolism.
Activates the protective properties of the body. .
Contains Resveratrol - a powerful natural antioxidant.
It has a rejuvenating effect .
Promotes metabolism. 100% natural
It is quickly acquired at the cellular level.
Long-acting radioprotector without side effects.
Restores the body after difficult workouts.
Promotes better tolerance of physical exertion.
Early recovery after chemotherapy
Anti-stress effectiveness
High concentration of antioxidants (b-carotene, vitamins C and E, folic acid, essential amino acids, zinc and selenium).
слот, цинка и селена)

The history of the creation of "Ammivit"

More information on scientific research, composition and application can be found in the book.
After repeated concentration receive food vitamin concentrate, which is popularly called "condensed grapes." The author gave him the name "AMMIVIT."
In 1957, at the initiative of the academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences M.S. Vovsi, at the Institute of Vitaminology of the USSR Ministry of Health, Professor E.N. Odintsova began research on vitamins of group "B" in the blood of humans and animals.
After much research and observation, E.N. Odintsova proposed an original technology for the extraction of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, sterols, organic acids, bioflavins from saccharomycetes.
In the winery's shops there are huge steel tanks in which grape must wanders (crushed grapes, its juice). Wine is produced from grape must. Studying wine, Professor E.N. Odintsova received an unexpected result: in wine there are almost no precious B vitamins that were in grapes.
Where does such wealth disappear? It turned out, wasted with waste yeast - Saccharomyces (saccharomycetes).
It was possible to find out that saccharomycetes at the end of fermentation are capable of storing vitamins in huge quantities. They absorb everything that was in the grapes. Then, the biologically active substances of plant origin are transformed into substances of animal origin that are closer to human cells; natural links are established between vitamins and related amino acids, minerals; natural relationships between all components are recreated.
This provides biologically active substances with easy accessibility to human cells, fast incorporation into the composition of enzymes and high physiological activity in the body of an adult and a child.
After multiple concentrations of the liquid product, they get a food vitamin concentrate, which is popularly called "condensed grapes." The author gave him the name "AMMIVIT."

What they say ...
Linevich N.
The use of Ammivit (from 2012 to 2014) has improved performance, increased resistance to infections, and ultimately achieved high athletic performance.
Ammivit is an effective tool in the complex treatment of patients with severe burns.
Karasev N.А.
Аммивит ФК Днепр
Head of the Medical Service of FC Dnipro
Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Emergency Medicine. Sklifosovsky
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